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    Interesting thought :) I like the idea of having a pretty button, and the idea of having a pretty informational petpage, but don’t feel qualified as a designer to make either of those. However, DTI is an open-source community project, and I’d love someone to show me their mockups to merge into the site :) Any artists feel up to the task?

    Jas commented  · 

    I do not know if this idea is still being considered or if it's pretty much been dropped...been a while since the last reply.

    If you are still interested in an info petpage and button, and have not yet seen the one I designed, I have a copy of it here (you are welcome to the code, just ask).:

    I would not recommend an info page however. I got a warning when I had it as a petpage (I didn't have any links), and even got a warning for the pet name alone (DressToImpressInfo).
    Maybe I could've been more subtle and tell people to go find "dti" or something rather than the full name? If someone wants to create a watered down info page that might work, but I don't want to risk Neo vengence :P

    Thanks for an awesome site!

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